Run, Bike, or Lift Weights. Exercise Makes You Smarter!

A routine. That’s all you need. Everyday after work, I shut down my computer, fight the traffic, and head straight to the gym. I love it. I love the banging of the plates as the weights are being racked, the feeling of the weights pushing down on your muscles, and the grunting and shouting as people push past their limits. I really feel at home when I walk through the doors. This is where I leave all of my stress and anger. I go to war when I walk in, but when I walk out, I am at peace.

Working out has always been a way to relieve stress for me, but little did I know that it also made me smarter! Check out Online College Courses’ infographic below to see how.

Get Fit! Exercise Makes You Smarter!

It doesn’t have to be the gym. Go for a run around the park, play basketball, go for a walk, or pull out that bicycle. Recent research shows that exercise cam make you smarter and more efficient. According to experiments conducted by the Salk Institute, exercise stimulates brain cell growth.

Be Active Throughout Life

Active kids showed increased intelligence in a number of studies. This shows that it may be time to put down the video games and get the kids to be more active. Enroll them in sports or even ask them to go for a run with you.

Results from studies from Elementary to College:

  • Elementary School: An average of 3.8 IQ point rise in kids who exercised 40 minutes per day.
  • Sixth Graders: Kids with average fitness levels scored 30% less on tests than the fittest students.
  • High School: Student athletes in vigorous sports showed a 20% improvement in scores in the core courses.
  • College: Work out before class. Students who did scored 17% higher (a full letter grade) on tests.

Here’s the kicker: Fit 18 year olds were more likely to go on to college, and they got full time jobs faster that their unfit peers.

How Does This Affect the Workplace?

Fit employees were shown to be 15% more efficient than their lesser fit coworkers. So if you want a raise, you may want to think about keeping fit!

As the infographic below shows, exercise does make you smarter. What about obesity in the workplace? This is outside of the research shown below, but weight discrimination is more common than you may think.

The International Journal of Obesity published a study a while back that included 95 people who simulated hiring managers in New Zealand. They rated six candidates, each of which had a photo attached to their application. Each of the candidates included had two pictures: one before weight loss and one after weight loss. The before weight loss applications rated significantly less that the after weight loss photos.

In another study by a Michigan State University scholar back in 2009, weight discrimination played a role in a type of glass ceiling for women CEO’s (Which also seemed to have no effect on male CEO’s).

“The results suggest that while being obese limits the career opportunities of both women and men, being ‘merely overweight’ harms only female executives – and may actually benefit male executives,”

How Working Out Can Make You Smarter Infographic

At JobKaster, we’re focused on making your life better by freeing up your time. We want you to find a job you love. A job that is close to home. We want you to be able to walk or ride a bike to work. We want you to have more free time not wasted sitting in traffic in a horrible commute. That is our mission.

And if exercise makes you smarter, walking or biking to work seems like the way to go!

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