We’re focused on helping job seekers find jobs closer to home.

Spend less time in your daily commute and more time doing the things you love.

Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend.

Do you ever wonder exactly why you are wasting so much time sitting in traffic?
What would you do instead?
Would you spend more time with your friends?
Would you finally make it to the gym?
Would you get to see your son's baseball game?
Or your daughter's violin solo?

What would you do if you had more of the most precious commodity in the world?

About JobKaster

Ravi Budhu (Co-Founder)

Ravi combined his MBA with his technical background in Computer Science to help job seekers find jobs close to home or near their dream location. Ravi thinks job searching shouldn't be about wading through non-descript lists, but quickly finding the information that matters most when on the job hunt.

When he's not running JobKaster with Paul, Ravi likes see what jobs pop up near the beach.

Paul Chittenden (Co-Founder)

Paul is an entrepreneur, husband, father, and the world's foremost hater of horrible commutes.

JobKaster's resident career expert setting out to change the world of job search.