How to Find the Hiring Manager’s Email Address

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The hardest part of the job search is getting noticed by the hiring manager. You can be a great candidate, but when hiring manager’s receive 1000 resumes for a position, you can be easily overlooked. The average amount of time for a recruiter to look at your resume is only six seconds. Six seconds!?!? You worked so hard on your resume! How do you get noticed?

Today, we’re not going to focus on resume tricks. That’s for amateurs… We’re going to show you how to find the hiring manager’s email address. We’re going to take you straight to the source. While your resume should already be on point, getting in front of the hiring manager is the fastest way to get a job.

How to Find the Hiring Manager’s Email Address

Finding the hiring manager’s email address is actually the easy part. Surprise, right? What’s harder than finding an email address for a stranger? Finding out the hiring manager’s name! So we’ll start with that.

Finding Out the Hiring Manager’s Name

Okay, so you’ve found the perfect job. Now, we want to talk directly to the hiring manager. My favorite place to start is LinkedIn.


Did you apply for the job on LinkedIn?  If you did, you’re in luck!  LinkedIn shows the human resources rep or the hiring manager that posted the job right under the “apply” button on the right hand side of the screen.  Jackpot!

Find Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

What if you found the job elsewhere?  LinkedIn’s search features are still one of the best ways to finding people at a certain company – either the hiring manager or to find ways to network within the company.

This time type in the name of the company.  We’re going to use Raising Cane’s as an example, and click on the business name under “companies”.



Now you’re brought the the company’s LinkedIn page.  What we’re interested in is finding your connections.  See the “How You’re Connected Box” on the right hand side?

How You're Connected LinkedIn

This box shows you all of the connections you currently have at your desired company of interest.

In this case, I have one first degree connection at my company of interest.  I can ask him if he knows the hiring manager, if he can introduce me, or even for a recommendation.

Introductions are the number one way to get in touch with someone you haven’t met, but if you don’t have that connection, you can always resort to a cold contact.



If you’re contact can’t be found on LinkedIn, you still have some other options.

Use Your Personal Network

It’s so easy to use your digital network these days, but if that doesn’t work, tap into your “real-life” network.  Do you have friends, family, acquaintances that work at your desired company?  Someone that does business with the company?  Someone who knows someone who works there?  Start asking around.  Recommendations from colleagues always get the best results.

Call the Employer

This works best for smaller companies, but it can work in any organization if you play your cards right.

  1. Ask the receptionist.  The receptionist is normally tapped into all the working of the company.  Be as sweet as you can, and ask for the hiring manager.  If you are halfway smooth, they might just give you the name.
  2. If the previous step didn’t work.  Call back the next day and ask to be transferred to the HR Department.  Talk to them about the job, and ask if they can give you the hiring manager’s name.  If not (as HR Manager’s are very strict depending on their rules), you’ve already talked to the first gate keeper, and they might just pass on your resume.

The Company Website

If it’s a smaller company, the company’s website usually has a list of the senior management team.  Search the management page for the person that is the closest match to the position you will be applying, and you might find them directly.  Sometimes, even if you find the wrong person, they will pass along your resume to the right contact.

Find the Hiring Manager’s Email Address

There are two ways to go about finding the hiring manger’s email address.  My favorite technique is using the Gmail Plugin, Rapportive.  The second is doing an old fashioned Google Search.

Using Google Search

Using the hiring manager’s name you found in step one, tou can use Google search modifiers to easily find email addresses if they are published anywhere on the internet.

Google Search Paul

Simply use the following Google Searches:

  • [name] + email
  • [name] + email address
  • [name] + contact
  • [name] + contact information

If that doesn’t work you can add the company name:

  • [name] + email + company
  • [name] + email address + company
  • [name] + contact + company
  • [name] + contact information + company

As a last resort, you can search the company website:

  • + [name] +

Use Rapportive

How to find the hiring managers email address

Rapportive is one of my absolute favorite apps for finding contacts whether for career related information or sales contacts.  It’s simple to use and should take you less than five minutes to set up.

  • Login or get a Gmail account.
  • Download and install the Rapportive Plugin.
  • Connect with all of your social networks.

Once you have everything set up, it’s time to start playing detective.  Good times!

First, click compose new email.  Now we are going to randomly guess email addresses until the hiring manager’s profile pops up in Rapportive on the right.  This is actually easier than it sounds because most companies follow a standard email address template.

We’re going to try your hiring manager’s name with the following conventions:


When you hit the right one, your “Mark’s” profile should pop up on the right side of Gmail.  Bingo!


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  1. Chris Romans September 7, 2013 at 11:27 pm #

    These are definitely some useful ideas. I never considered the Google search structures you recommended, but I could see how they might turn up some results. The only thing I have to ask here is this: is it really advisable to go straight for the jugular when it comes to get hired by digging up a hiring managers email? I’m not sure if this would be interpreted as maybe creepy, overbearing, or excessive; or the opposite: showcasing that you are able to take initiate and find creative solutions to bypassing the huge resume pool that will no doubt build up. Or maybe it just depends on the hiring managers out there themselves?


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