Amazing Amazon Resume – A Creative Resume that Landed Philippe Dubost Over 100 Job Inquiries!

Amazing Resume

The Creative Resume

When searching for a job, we don’t recommend using gimmicks unless they are truly amazing. The majority of time they will backfire, but if pulled off just right, you may just land your dream gig!

In the world of amazing resumes, Philippe Dubost created a resume you’ll have to see to believe! A parody of Amazon, there is “Only one in stock – Order Soon!” Check this resume out:

Amazing Amazon

Philippe Dubost pulled off an amazing mock of one of Amazon’s product pages, and inserted himself as the limited commodity.

When asked about why he had so many low reviews, Philppe replied, “Lots of ex-girlfriends.” The guy has a good sense of humor and good design skill.

Does the fancy resume work?

It is reported that Dubost has received up to 100 job inquiries since launching the Amazon inspired design. So while there is always the chance that you could end up looking like an idiot, if you pull it off as flawlessly as this guy, you might just find your dream job.

Just don’t be this guy:

Spent Last 500 on Billboard

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