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Evaluating a Job Offer

Evaluating a Job Offer: Making the Smartest Decision

Receiving a job offer is an exciting time. On one hand, you have a golden opportunity – a new job, more money, or a chance to turn a new leaf. On the other hand, this also might be a difficult decision, one that should be taken under careful consideration. Luckily, most employers understand you need […]

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How to Dress for Job Interview

JobSeeker’s Guide to What to Wear to an Interview (Men)

First impressions play one of the most important factors of an interviewer’s determination of your character. Knowing what to wear to an interview will definitely give you a professional appearance, and it can actually give you more confidence as well. When you are actively searching for a job, it’s even more important to look the […]

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The Importance of the Job Interview

Most hiring managers have a general idea of what they are looking for in a job candidate. This includes things like the level of education, experience, certifications, and other qualities that they think are important to their particular organization. In fact, the majority of companies already have a job description written for the job based […]

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How to Write a Letter Requesting a Raise in Salary

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Dead End Job

Get Out! Dead End Job Alert!

A dead end job is the single worst case scenario for your career. You might be a superstar employee, your coworkers and managers might love you, and you might be putting out some excellent work, but sometimes circumstances get in the way of advancement. Picture yourself in 2 years, you’re in the same job and […]

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Resume Origami

Should I Follow Up After Sending a Resume

A reader wrote in and asked whether they should follow up after submitting a resume.  They had spent weeks trying to find a job: researching, writing their resume, and applying. It’s been said that hiring managers only spend six seconds looking at your resume before moving to the next one.  According to Business Insider: Recruiters […]

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Help Me Find A Job

Help Me Find a Job! | The Most Epic Job Search Guide in History

85+ Links of the Best Job Search Info You’ll Find on the Web Help Me Find a Job! | The Most Epic Job Search Guide in History So you’re looking for a job?  Well you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve been collecting tons of the best articles, videos, and books on job searching, and […]

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