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JobKaster is Growing! More Jobs. More Opportunity.

What has JobKaster been up to? You may have noticed that we’ve been pretty quiet over the past few months… We haven’t been blogging or really tried to get the word out about our amazing new job search technology. While blogging did bring in a good deal of traffic, our readers only read the articles. […]

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Evaluating a Job Offer

Evaluating a Job Offer: Making the Smartest Decision

Receiving a job offer is an exciting time. On one hand, you have a golden opportunity – a new job, more money, or a chance to turn a new leaf. On the other hand, this also might be a difficult decision, one that should be taken under careful consideration. Luckily, most employers understand you need […]

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How to Dress for Job Interview

JobSeeker’s Guide to What to Wear to an Interview (Men)

First impressions play one of the most important factors of an interviewer’s determination of your character. Knowing what to wear to an interview will definitely give you a professional appearance, and it can actually give you more confidence as well. When you are actively searching for a job, it’s even more important to look the […]

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What To Do When You Realize You Chose The Wrong Career

Coming to the realization that you have chosen the wrong career can happen gradually or suddenly. This new found awareness may have been self-generated or the result of outside influences. Either way, there is no need to panic. Many, many people have had two or more careers during their lives. Through some investigative research and […]

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SWOT Analysis

Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths

Everyone has weaknesses. I’ve taken a lot of time to study great leaders, business executives, and startup founders. One thing that is common among these groups is that they are all aware of their weaknesses. This acute sense of awareness, has uniquely allowed them to turn their weaknesses into strengths. Identify Your Weaknesses How do […]

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Why Am I Unemployed?

Why Am I Unemployed? Today’s economic market is unpredictable for many standard industries. Companies in certain sectors of the U.S. and international markets have seen significant shifts in customer demands. Products and services that were once staple economic factors for many countries have become obsolete or in need of expensive upgrades. These national economic changes […]

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The Importance of the Job Interview

Most hiring managers have a general idea of what they are looking for in a job candidate. This includes things like the level of education, experience, certifications, and other qualities that they think are important to their particular organization. In fact, the majority of companies already have a job description written for the job based […]

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20 Worst Drivers by State

The Worst Drivers in America | An Infographic

For the majority of workers in the US, the most dangerous thing they do all day is commute to and from work. Bad drivers are all around you, and hell you might be one yourself! Let’s be honest, I think I’ve seen it all on my morning commute in Houston, and I’m not talking about […]

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LinkedIn Logo

Message Anyone on LinkedIn Free! No LinkedIn Premium Account Needed

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful sales tools as well as a hotbed for recruitment. The real power of LinkedIn is being able to easily find and message prospective partners, customers, and more… A LinkedIn Premium Account gives you the ability to message anyone on LinkedIn, as long as you don’t spam the crap […]

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Is Work Supposed to be Fun?

“Is work supposed to be fun?” The short answer is no. Most work environments aren’t fun, but they should be. Dr. Matthew Lieberman, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at UCLA, has been studying the effects of social interaction vs. salary. One study has found that employees were willing to give up almost $30,000 in […]

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